Rebecca Murison's Portfolio


Well the first thing you should know about me is I am creative. I'm a whirlwind of creativity. I specialize in some creative things, dabble tons of other creative processes, and have a whole mess of random but incredibly useful skills that have nothing to do with being creative at all.

My name is Rebecca Marie Murison and I am an artist and a writer infatuated with consumerism and am particularly interested in copywriting. I love writing dialogue, slogans, tag lines, and cohesive campaign plans. I love brainstorming with others, plotting out the steps to make any business a success. I have an incredibly strong work ethic, and I try to go above and beyond what's expected of me whenever possible.

But... I'd really like my work to speak for itself.

Please don't hesitate to send me feedback of any kind. Positive, negative, and neutral feedback (if there is such a thing as neutral feedback) is totally encouraged.

I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to look at my portfolio and hope you enjoyed it.